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 One of Alberta's Tops Clubs for Junior Development

 The Saville Community Sports Centre (SCSC) is a designated Tennis Canada High Performance Tennis Development Centre (TDC). As a TDC our goal is to develop provincial, national, collegiate, international and world class players.

 The SCSC Tennis Department is also one of eighteen sport development programs at the University of Alberta that make up the Green and Gold Sport System. Our Athlete Pathway  has been designed to be as consistent as possible with Tennis Canada’s Long –Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, and each stage of the LTAD combines on-court training (tactical & technical development) with AIM training (physical & psychological development) to develop a complete athlete.

 All of our programs align with the following cornerstone principles:

1.   Athlete Centered

2.   Coach-Driven

3.   Evidence Based

4.  Faculty Supported

 Our Mission is to provide our athletes and coaches with comprehensive developmental pathways that will make it possible for them to realize their full potential in sport.

 The short video below highlights the SCSC athlete development pathway for tennis.

 Athlete Development Pathway Tennis Video

 Program Goals and Athlete Code of Conduct

 SCSC Coach Expectations for Tournaments