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Adult Programs

Whether You're Young or Young at Heart it is Never to Late to Learn!

Learn to Play tennis or refine your skills. We have Adult lessons for every type of player. Whether your goals are to learn a new sport that you can play for the rest of your life or to develop into a tournament player there is a session suitable for you. All of our coaches are NCCP certified and can assist you with reaching your goals.

Program Goals and Athlete Code of Conduct

All sessions have limited enrollment and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. So register early!

Adult 1.0

Our Adult 1.0 course is designed for the tennis newcomer or someone who has had very limited exposure to the game.
PROGRAM GOAL: To learn the basic strokes, forehand, backhand, volleys, overheads and serves, with consistency in mind. Basic rules and scoring will also be included in this course. To prepare the participants to play games full court. After completion of this course individual could join a 2.0 play tennis league if they like.

Adult 2.0

The Adult 2.0 player can get the ball into play but lacks control, resulting in inconsistent rallies. Forehands are the shot of choice and the serve is incomplete and inconsistent.
PROGRAM GOAL: To consistently rally 10 balls in a row with an arched trajectory when hitting with a partner at a moderate speed (especially on the forehand side). Service consistency with a complete service motion as well as comfort at the net will be developed.

Adult 3.0

This course is for the player who can consistently rally 10 balls in a row on forehands and backhands. Directional control is good. Forehand volleys are consistent but backhand volleys are not. Full motion serves are successful more than 50% of the time.
PROGRAM GOAL: To learn how to move your opponent and to hit harder when receiving easy balls. Approach shots will be more consistent than not. Confident net play will be reached and at varying speeds, the serve can be directed to an opponent's weakness.

Adult 4.0

An Adult 4.0 player is able to consistently develop points with a combination of shots. Shots become erratic when moving and when attempting to pass a net person. Approach shots are followed up with a solid volley and serves can be varied according to speed, direction, and spin.
PROGRAM GOAL: To learn a variety of spins and to develop a dominant baseline shot. This player will learn how to hit passing shots and receive fast balls and wide balls. Pace and depth will be trained on the first volley. Power and spin are emphasized on the first serve and depth with placement is emphasized on the second serve.