Game Time

tennis member leagues

The Saville Community Sports Centre is pleased to offer a wide selection of members' leagues to meet the needs of virtually any tennis player. The following are a list of the leagues we currently offer:
  • Doubles Leagues - Our indoor doubles leagues take place in the fall and winter. We offer an evening men's and women's league and a daytime women's league. Players must be at a minimum 3.5 play tennis rating to join these leagues.
  • Singles Box League - The box league is designed to help singles players meet new members who are of a similar ability. Players have one month to play against all the competitors in their box. Following the month's play players will be redistributed depending on how they finish amongst their box. Players must be at a minimum 2.0 play tennis rating to join this league.
  • Winner-Up - In this event a maximum of 16 players sign up each week to play singles for an hour with a modified scoring system. Players move up and down courts based on performance. A coach is on court to facilitate play. This is a great way to challenge your game, hit lots of balls and meet players of similar ability. Players must be at a minimum 2.5 play tennis rating to sign up.
  • Elite League - A team competition for competitive players. Teams are drafted from a pool of interested members. Teams compete in singles and doubles play to determine a team champion. The club hosts a men's and women's category. A must play for open level players.
  • GETA Interclub -The SCSC enters men's, women's, and mixed teams at a number of levels into the Greater Edmonton Tennis Association (GETA) interclub. These teams compete against other clubs from around the city to determine the interclub champion. The league runs from May to September.