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Game Time


Location: 11610 - 65th Avenue, Edmonton

Mailing Address
Saville Community Sports Centre
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2E1

: savillesports@ualberta.ca

Customer Service 780-492-1000
Tennis Bookings 780-492-1045
Fitness Centre Front Desk 780-492-1701
Facility Bookings 780-492-6835; Email: scrental@ualberta.ca
Kevin's Rocks N Racquets 780-463-2622; Email: kmcurl@shaw.ca

For program and membership inquiries, please contact Andrea Jones.
For private lesson inquiries, please contact the tennis professionals

Russ Sluchinski, Tennis Manager
Phone: 780-492-3972 Email: russ.sluchinski@ualberta.ca

Andrea Jones, Tennis Coordinator
Phone: 780-492-5509  Email: andrea.jones@ualberta.ca

Mitch McKee, Assistant Sports Coordinator 
Phone: 780-492-1850 Email: mmckee@ualberta.ca

Corey Stewart
, Head Tennis Professional
Email: corey8@shaw.ca 

Carson Bell, SCSC Tennis Coach
Email 10spro@live.ca

Byung Chun, SCSC Tennis Coach
Email: speaktobc@gmail.com

Ivan Quintero, SCSC Tennis Coach

Emil Kirchev, SCSC Tennis Coach

Josh Sundwall, SCSC Tennis Coach
Email: j.sundwall@yahoo.ca

Kristina Sanjevic, SCSC Tennis Coach
Email: sanjevick@hotmail.com

Cheryl Harwardt, Director of Operations
Phone: 780-492-0229 Email: cheryl.harwardt@ualberta.ca

Rob Krepps, Associate Director, Sport Development
Phone: 780-492-3552 Email: rob.krepps@ualberta.ca 
Greg Lembke, Manager (West) Saville Community Sports Centre
Phone: 780-492-2492 Email: greg.lembke@ualberta.ca

Rob Stewart, Manager (East) Saville Community Sports Centre and Foote Field
Phone: 780-492-9311 Email: rob.stewart@ualberta.ca

Ben Gallaher, Coordinator, Events and Foote Field  
Phone: 780-492-0667 Email: ben.gallaher@ualberta.ca

Susan Lenio, Marketing and Bookings Coordinator
Phone: 780-492-7678 Email: susan.lenio@ualberta.ca  
Laurie Ennik, Administration Supervisor
Phone: 780-492-2345 Email: laurie.ennik@ualberta.ca

Kelly Lyons, Bookings and Contracts Clerk/Foote Field Reception (Acting)
Phone: 780-492-6835 Email: kmlyons@ualberta.ca 

Chelsea Guthrie, Assistant Sports Coordinator
Phone: 780-492-0721 Email: cguthrie@ualberta.ca

Yvonne Pugh, Customer Service Coordinator
Phone: 780-492-7069 Email: yvonne.pugh@ualberta.ca

Barb Gordon, Customer Service Coordinator
Phone: 780-492-1000 Email: barb.gordon@ualberta.ca

Bruce Bourguignon, Operations Supervisor
Phone: 780-492-6374 Email: bruce.bourguignon@ualberta.ca 

Dan Walter, Maintenance / Facility Operations Lead Hand 
Phone: 780-492-8484 Email: daniel.walter@ualberta.ca